At all times we are faced with situations that require the exposure of ideas, arguments and points of view, we often need to expose what we think about a certain subject.

In many situations we are induced to organize our thoughts and ideas and use language to lecture.

But what is dissertation?

Disserting is by organizing words, phrases and texts, presenting ideas, developing reasoning, analyzing contexts, facts and facts. At this moment we have the opportunity to discuss, argue and defend what we think using justification, justification, explanation, persuasion and evidence.

The writing of essays requires mastery of the written form of the language, from the orthographic question to the use of precise vocabulary and organized syntactic constructions, as well as knowledge of the subject to be addressed and critical (personal) position in this subject.

Dissertation activity develops the taste of thinking and writing what it thinks, of questioning the world, of seeking to understand and transform reality.

Steps to write the essay text

The text must be produced in such a way as to meet the goals the writer set himself to achieve.

There is a consecrated structure for the organization of this type of text.

It consists of organizing the material obtained in three parts: introduction, development and completion.

– Introduction: The introduction should clearly present the subject to be addressed and delimit the issues, related to the subject, that will be addressed.

At this point a thesis can be formulated, which should be discussed and proven in the text, to propose a question, the answer to which should be included in the development and made explicit in the conclusion.

– Development: It is the part of the text in which the ideas, points of view, concepts, information at its disposal will be developed; progressively evaluated.

– Conclusion: It is the final moment of the text, it should present a strong summary of everything that has already been said. The conclusion should state a final assessment of the subject matter discussed.

Each of these parts relate to each other, either by preparing or retaking them, therefore, they are not isolated.

The production of dissertation texts is linked to the argumentative capacity of those who are willing to do so.

It is important to point out that obtaining information on various subjects, whether through reading, talking, traveling, day-to-day experiences and the most varied information vehicles can solve the lack of information and consequently support the produce a text.